Indie Showcase at IGDC

A special program for indie developers to display their new and upcoming games at the venue as part of the IGDC 2023 Indie Showcase.


  • Submissions for games start 24th July 2023
  • Selected developers get a table to showcase their games physically at the expo hall from 2nd to 4th November 2023 at IGDC 2023


  • Submit your application with a gameplay build, minimum. 3 screenshots, and minimum. 1  gameplay video. Trailer/teaser video is optional. 
  • IGDC Indie panel evaluates each application on the basis of innovation, aesthetics, gameplay, and overall appeal. The evaluation will give 20 indies to showcase themselves
  • Each eligible developer gets a special rate of {Rs. 5000/- + taxes} for  an Indie Table at IGDC 2023 .


  • To celebrate the indie spirit of the country. 
  • To provide exposure to some of the best indie developers of the country.
  • To provide a platform for publishers and others to scout talent & get inspired from a curated pool.

Rules & regulations for Indie table

  • Allocation and positioning of the table is at the discretion of the organizers. 
  • Each table comes with a space for Logo, a shelf for laptop and a plug point
  • If somebody wants a TV, that can be availed at an additional cost. 
Branding & Fabrication:
  • The only branding allowed is the logo on the backdrop
  • A table owner can have a pull-up standee which should be placed within the space allocated to them
Rules & Regulations on Engagement at Indie Table:
  • No Printable materials to be given away at the booth, All collaterals should either be a downloadable option through QR codes or it should be printed on eco- friendly paper (recycled/ seed paper)
  • No Table owner will solicit or advertise recruitment or job opportunities for attendees at the Booth
  • Sound systems to make announcements are not allowed at the booth. 
  • Each table will come with 1 pass for the event.
Apply to showcase as an Indie