The Nomination for IGDC Awards 2021

  1. Indie Game of the year:
  2. a) The Lost Mystic Ornament – Action RPG - Machau Games
    b) In My Shadow - Playbae
    c) JumboJet Fligth Simulator – Teapot Games
    d) Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery - Vincell Studios Inc
    e) Mazed Mimi - Tea Garden Simulator - Eaz Games

  3. Studio Game of the year:
  4. a) Tanhaji the Lion Maratha Warrior of Shivaji : AbracaDabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    b) Silly World - SuperGaming
    c) Fighter Pilot: HeavyFire – Threye Interactive Pvt Ltd.
    d) Influenzer - Gamestacy
    e) Darkarta: A Broken Heart's Quest – Tuttifrutti Interactive

  5. Upcoming Game of the year:
  6. a) 1971: Indian Naval Front - Neosphere Interactive
    b) Visions In the Dark - Shadow Interactive
    c) Chesscape : Broken Boards - RockLobster Games
    d) Idli: The Fork Attack Saga - Paper Plane Project
    e) Cooking Valley – TheAppGuruz

  7. Hypercasual Game of the year:
  8. a) HygNXT – Champion the Next-Generation of Hygiene - Xarpie Labs
    b) Pop'em All - Code Pixel Games
    c) Gold Rush Inc - Naughty Gamers
    d) Hair Dye - Firescore Interactive
    e) Rubberband Cutting ASMR - Weloadin Studio

  9. Student Game of the year:
  10. a) Lumiglo - Zer0reZ
    b) Project 3.14 - DreamcatStudios
    c) BeanBot Adventure - Molten Labs
    d) Bladers Multiplayer - Brahmos Interactive
    e) The Wizard's Perilous Crown Quest - Rakshit N Prabhu

See you at the conference!

- The IGDC Awards Team

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