Build Your Own Game(BYOG)

Are you ready for that time of the year again? India’s oldest and longest-running game jam is back with a bang, with shiny new clothes, just like the IGDC 2022!

Get ready for a caffeine-filled weekend to create a game of your dreams, solo or with a team, starting Aug 26, 2022!

What is a BYOG?

BYOG (Build Your Own Game) is an annual game jam where game developers from all over the country come together to make a game within a limited amount of time, based on a set of themes. Started in 2010, BYOG is one of the oldest game jams organized every year in India and has a rich history of identifying and encouraging game development talent from the country. Past winners have gone on to win multiple international awards, launch successful game development companies, and make great games and careers.

When & Where

Anyone can participate online in the comfort of their home, but we encourage local meetups and hangout spots in each city and help you run the same!

  • 26th - 28th August: Game Jam
  • September: Jury Evaluation
  • November: Results announced at IGDC

Timings: 6 PM (26th August) - 6 PM (28th August)

Why Participate?

There are a number of reasons why you should participate in the BYOG:

  • Create a playable prototype (proof of concept) for one of your concepts in a focused, time-limited sprint.
  • Get your ideas validated and evaluated by an incredibly experienced jury.
  • Get honest, constructive feedback on your ideas.
  • Showcase your skills to the world and add another awesome game to your portfolio.
  • Team up with your friends and foes to celebrate an exciting gamedev weekend.
Format this year

Old-school, 48-hour-long game jam.


To be revealed.

The Themes are -

To be revealed.

Judging Criteria

To be revealed.

Team Up!

Join the Discord ( to hang out with fellow jammers and find your teammates.