Nidhi Bavishi


Nidhi Bavishi - Investment Analyst

Nidhi comes with a background in business strategy with Aon Consulting and prior stints in buy-side/investment advisory as an investment analyst. She has crafted market entry research for investing in the gaming industry, devised equity strategies focusing on the interactive media industry - a part of the broader $3M portfolio allocation from her university's endowment, and been involved in fundraising strategies for the $600M portfolio of Bono and Bobby Shriver’s RED project. Nidhi has a MSc in Finance from Washington University, St. Louis with a specialization in corporate finance and investments. When she is not building financial models or advising on investment strategy, she is an avid painter with her own digital art shop. She grew up playing PC games and Nintendo Wii. She caught the Facebook social gaming bug and got hooked onto Farmville and Cityville, until Runescape   captured her imagination.

2:40 PM to 3:25 PM

09 May (Tuesday) Chennai

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