Joshua Jebadurai


Joshua Jebadurai - Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

Joshua started his journey as a Game Designer at Gameloft, later moved to engineering and porting. After a few years at Gameloft, he moved to XMG Studios during the early days of Mobile Gaming, where he worked on titles like Cow Vs. Aliens ranking AppStore’s Top 10 and Marine Sharpshooter. After a year, he worked for an Indie studio, Swappz Interactive, which enabled him to work on popular titles such as Smurfs and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In 2014, Joshua joined forces with Vijay and the team at Hammerplay Studios. He finally found his calling by building teams and state of the art technical pipelines, working with emerging platforms and technologies. After a few years of External Development of Games, Hammerplay began working on original games, with a growing portfolio of 20+ games under its belt. Joshua loves to constantly push technology boundaries in Multiplayer, Web and Mobile Games and is currently the CTO at Hammerplay where he is heading the entire Development team.

11:55 AM to 12:35 PM

09 May (Tuesday) Chennai

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