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Jainaressh - Program Manager - ARVR

Jainaressh currently working as VR Program manager at HP India. He is also an advisor to the Media & Entertainment Sector Skill council and a project consultant in ARVR. He comes with nearly 15 of experience in Interactive Media & ARVR industry. He has worked across Games Development, Edutainment, Serious Games, and other interactive application development across multiple markets.He started his career as an avid gamer who turned to become a game designer and started to work his ways in the game industry. In total, he has around 10 years of experience in designing games on mobile, pc, and console. He has journeyed from a Game designer, Producer and Consultant for various Indian, UK and US based game studios. He actioned Unity Technologies plan for education in India and has been a pivotal influence in building the ecosystem in ARVR too.He has also been an educator for 7 years and has mentored and explored a variety of students and research project in fields like BCI, ARVR, Computer vision, etc. He is constantly experimenting and fostering many people to adapt “education through gaming/play” approach as a life goal to make learning active.

11:55 AM to 12:35 PM

09 May (Tuesday) Chennai

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