Gokul Elayidath

Ether Games

Gokul Elayidath - CEO

Gokul Elayidath, CEO of the Ether Games, mobile gaming company from Kerala has an 12+ years of experience in the gaming industry. This level of experience has given them a comprehensive understanding of the different types of gamers, from mid-core to core, and hyper-casual gamers.
Furthermore ,Gokul has a track record when it comes to launching games, having launched more than 35 games to date. With approximately 2+ million downloads, it is clear that the CEO has been creating games that appeal to a wide audience and generate significant interest Currently, his focus is on web3 and how it can be leveraged to create new and innovative gaming experiences for players.

11:15 AM to 12:00 PM

12 May (Friday) Kochi

Brewing in Kerala: Building from God's Own Country