The India Game Developer Conference 2021

The India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) is India's premier game developers conference. The conference is organized by industry volunteers, with support from corporates and the Telangana government. Now in its 13th year, IGDC is the biggest and the most significant developer conference in not only India, but South Asia. The conference plays a key role in developing the Indian Gaming ecosystem: from helping developers gain valuable insight and pick up new skills to helping developers connect with publishers and investors that they otherwise may not have had access to.

IGDC 2021 Highlights:

  • Conference 13th Edition
  • Over 9000 industry professionals
  • Over 120 industry expert speakers
  • 10 major tracks
  • 100 e-stalls
  • 30 publishers
  • 30 investors
  • International Delegations
  • International Media

IGDC is proud to be a part of IndiaJoy!

Indiajoy is an aggregator platform, bringing together prestigious International events in one place to unfold opportunities for Investors, Corporations, Studios, Content Developers, Delegates, Consumers, Hardware manufacturers and students, through series of Networking, Trade Exhibitions, Product Launches, B2B and B2C events.

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IGDC Award Winners 2021

Studio Game of the year

S.No. Game Name Prize Name Organization
1 Darkarta: A Broken Heart's Quest Winner Ajish G Habib Tuttifrutti Interactive
2 Fighter Pilot: HeavyFire Runner Mayur Chauhan Threye Interactive Pvt Ltd.

Indie Game of the year

S.No. Game Name Prize Name Organization
1 In My Shadow Winner Nakul Verma Playbae
2 Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Runner Kathir Suyambu Vincell Studios Inc

Hypercasual Game of the year

S.No. Game Name Prize Name Organization
1 Rubberband Cutting ASMR Winner Mario Royston Weloadin Studio
2 Pop'em All Runner Mohammad Habibullah Khan Code Pixel Games

Upcoming Game of the year

S.No. Game Name Prize Name Organization
1 Chesscape : Broken Boards Winner Vivek Padmaji RockLobster Games
2 Cooking Valley – Story, Design & Cooking Game Runner Yuvraj Zala TheAppGuruz

Student Game of the year

S.No. Game Name Prize Name Organization
1 Bladers Multiplayer Winner Sanchit Sharma Brahmos Interactive
2 BeanBot Adventure Runner Priyank Degami Molten Labs

Click here to view the finalists for IGDC Awards 2021!


    Benjamin Ellinger

    VP, Software Production @ Digipen Institute of Technology

    Sophie Vo

    Studio & Team Lead @ Voodoo

    Alan Wolfe

    Sr. Graphics DevTech @ NVIDIA

    Joseph Kim

    CEO @ Lila Games

    Ankush Gera

    Founder & CEO @ Junglee Games

    Luis Antonio

    Indie Dev @ Twelve Minutes

    Ramanand Murthy

    Director of Product @ GSN Games

    Blair "aggroed" Reich

    CEO and Co-Founder @ Splinterlands

    Tatu Petersen-Jessen

    Senior Art Director @ Puzzle Games @ Rovio

    Lokendra Singh Shekhawat

    Associate Art Director @ Lakshya Digital Pvt. Ltd

    Gautam Shah

    Founder @ Internet of Elephants

    Matthew Buxton

    Game Design Director @ Rovio Stockholm

    Joshua Jebadurai

    CTO @ Hammerplay Studios

    Andre Pais

    Director of Products @ Miniclip

    Avinash Pandey

    CTO & Co-Founder @ LILA Games

    Ravi Kiran

    CEO @ GoLive Games

    Apurva Shah

    CEO @ Duality Robotics

    Marco Rizzotti

    Sr 3D Character Artist @ Wooga, Germany

    Michael Casalino

    CCO @ 1518 Studios Inc

    Amit Khanduja

    CEO @ Reliance Entertainment Digital

    Sridhar Muppidi

    Co-Founder @ YesGnome

    Animesh Agarwal

    Founder and Partner @ 8bit Creatives

    Shrungar Dadarkar

    Director - Art @ GSN Games

    Celia Hodent

    Director of UX @ Ex Epic Games (Fortnite)

    Stefan Marcus Baier

    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer @ Streamline Media Group

    Apoorva Joshi

    Senior Graphics Engineer @ Unity Tachnologies

    Ashish Mehta

    Technical Architect - QA @ Junglee Games

    Cyril Barrow

    Ex-EA, Ex-Rovio

    Joshi Mark Premnath

    CEO @ SuperHuge Studios

    Aashish Vasudevan

    Sr Game Programmer @ Green Rain Studios

    Alexandra Zheleva

    Marketing and Biz Dev Specialist @ Imperia Online JSC

    Manish Agarwal

    CEO @ Nazara Technologies

    Austin Davis

    Faculty | Toy & Game Design @ National Institute of Design

    Vishwalok Nath

    Business Head - Gaming & Esports @ India Today Group


    Consultant on Youth & PVE @ UNESCO MGIEP

    Vignesh Mukund

    Designer, Games for Learning @ UNESCO MGIEP

    Parth Chadha

    CEO @ EWar

    Akhil Kavuturu

    Founder @ Marcos Esports

    Anuj 'Amaterasu' Sharma

    Professional Esports athlete

    Sertac Picakci

    VP of Product @ Masomo Gaming

    Alison Carrier

    Design Director @ Zynga

    Grant Shonkwiler

    Ex-Producer for Fortnite and Doom

    Shahriar Shahrabi

    Techincal Artist @ Realities IO

    Tushar Sharma

    Founder and CEO @ ZEG

    Sebastian lager

    Founder @ TwoGNation

    Ali Shirkarami

    Researcher and Advisor @ Iran toy supervision council

    Poornima Seetharaman

    Director of Design @ Zynga

    Tanay Tayal

    Co-founder & CEO @ Moonfrog Labs

    Siddharth Jain

    Co-Founder @ PlaySimple Games

    Torfi Frans Olafsson

    Creative Director @ Minecraft Franchise

    Tejas Oza

    Senior Game Designer @ Double Eleven

    Bhamini Lakshminarayan

    Head of Design @ Bigfatphoenix

    Catherine Wood

    Senior Manager @ Disney

    Mourvi Sharma

    Head of Learning Design @ Bigfatphoenix

    Abhinandan Madhu

    Senior Game Artist @ Lakshya Digital Pvt. Ltd.

    Abhishek Agarwal

    Senior Game Producer @ Gametion

    Joseph Cairns

    CEO @ Adventure Recruitment

    Vikrant (Vik) Agarwal

    Lead Product Manager @ Zynga

    Brenda Romero

    CEO/Game Director @ Romero Games

    Wan Hazmer

    Co-founder & Game Director @ Metronomik

    Nitin Goel

    Country Manager @ Gameloft

    Ankit Agarwal

    Founder & CEO @ Do Your Thng

    Sagar Nair


    Tarun Gupta


    Lokesh Suji

    Director @ Esports Federation of India

    Tirth Mehta

    Bronze medal winner @ Asian Games 2018

    Abhishek Malpani

    CEO @ Funcell Games

    Alexander Shea

    Head of Publishing @ Voodoo

    Andrè Noller

    Game Lead @ Sunday

    Christoph Sachsenhausen

    Managing Director @ Sunday

    Masha Mustakim

    Founder & CEO @ Alpha Potato

    Mehmet Umut Ermeç

    Co-founder & CEO @ Tiplay

    Nir Regev

    Publishing Team Lead @ Supersonic Studios

    Prashant Vijay

    Co-founder @ Recreations Lab

    Riley Anderson

    Co-founder & CEO @ Umami Games

    Shai Sasson

    Head of Publishing @ CrazyLabs

    Thomas Cooper

    Founder @ PlayCog Studios

    William Cox

    Head of Publishing @ Kwalee

    Aaron Thibault

    VP of Strategic Operations @ The Gearbox Entertainment

    Saishree Ashwin

    Business Development @ Epic Games

    Arvind Neelakantan

    Evangelist @ Epic Games

    Stephen Lee

    Head of Business Development @ DECA Games

    Afsar Ahmad

    Co-founder @ Gameberry Labs

    Oliver Jones

    Co-Founder @ Bombay Play

    Tejas Jasani

    Founder & CEO @ TheAppGuruz

    Jack Condon

    Evangelist @ Epic Games

    Dr. Aidin Mehdizadeh

    Designer and Secretary @ Iran Toy Supervision Council

    Raja Ghosh

    Environment Artist @ Remedy Entertainment

    Valeria Rossi

    Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Remedy Entertainment

    Abhishek Aggarwal

    Co-Founder & CEO @ TrINITY GAMING

    Akash Deep Singh Mehra

    Software Engineer & Esports Player

    Pranav Panpalia

    Founder & Mentor @ OpraahFx

    Sonali Singh Thakur

    Battlegrounds Mobile India player and YouTuber

    Aditya Suresh

    Influencer & PUBG Content creator

    Amaterasu Sharma

    Captain @ South Asian Valorant teams, VLT

    Balaji Thangaraj Vijayan

    Head of Publishing @ Sunday

    Anuj Tandon

    Head of Corp Development (MENA & India) @ Krafton

    Abhaas Shah

    Co-Founder @ Studio Sirah

    Avi Dwivedi

    Founder @ Extended Reality Developers of India (XRDI)

    Danish Sinha

    Founder @ Gamestacy

    Gangatharaprabu Ganesan

    Director of Product Management @ Glance

    Hrishi Oberoi

    Founder & CEO @ Photon Tadpole Studios

    Jake Parker

    Senior Publishing Manager @ Kwalee Ltd

    Keshav Sunder

    Co-founder & CTO @ All Star Games

    Vaibhav Chavan

    Founder & CEO @ underDOGS Gaming Pvt Ltd

    Anirudh Pandita

    Founder @ Loco

    Karan Mohla

    Partner @ Chiratae Ventures

    Nitish Bugalia

    Head of Product & Strategy @ MyTeam11

    Piyush Kumar

    Founder & CEO @ Rooter

    Salone Sehgal

    General Partner @ Lumikai

    Yogish Pai

    Senior Technical Account Manager @ AWS

    Vishnu Murthy Addala

    Art Director & Studio Head @ Gamitronics

    Dayanidhi M G

    Founder @ nCORE Games

    Akshay Bhardwaj

    Vice President & GM @ Zynga

    Joe Michael Antony

    Professional BGMI player , influencer

    Ellis Bartholomeus

    Founder @ Ellis in Wonderland

    Imtiaz Hussain

    COO @ Yesgnome

    Siddhartha Ahluwalia

    Business Development Manager (South) @ AWS

    Arjun Anand

    Consultant @ IGDC

    Menno van Pelt-Deen

    Chairman @ Games4Diversity

    Roby John

    Founder @ Super Gaming

    Abhijit Pattanaik

    Co-Founder & Chief Gaming Officer @ Playtonia

    Abhisek Moharana

    CEO @ United Gamers Hideout


    Founder @ Total Gaming Esports

    Sukamal Pegu

    Head of Publishing @ Riot Gamer

    Rony Dasgupta

    The RawKnee Games, Gaming Influencer

    Ranjit Patel

    Gaming Influencer, Esports Caster

    Amitabh Nagpal

    Head of Startup Ecosystem @ India (AWS)

    Nirav D. Doshi

    Principal TAM @ Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Vikrant Varshney

    Managing Partner @ SucSEED Indovation Fund

    Yashash Agarwal

    Co-founder @ Gamezop

    Nikhil Malankar

    CEO @ GameEon Studios

    Deepak Aravind

    Co- Founder & CEO @ Creative Monkey Games

    Lennon Arcaro

    Senior Vice President Of Business Development @ Tilting Point

    Mohan Doss

    Co- Founder @ Chennai Games Studio

    Sameer Pitalwalla

    Business Director- India/SEA @ Epic Games

    VK Samhith

    Founder @ Bornmonkie

    Yang Quan

    Director at Business Development @ SEGA Corporation

    Rituraj Behera

    Founder & Chief Product Officer @ Cympl Studios

    Dean Reinhard

    Evangelist and Technical Account Manager @ Epic Games

    Chris Murphy

    Unreal Engine Evangelist @ Epic Games

    Alex Stevens

    Unreal Engine Evangelist @ Epic Games

    Tyler Cooper

    Developer Relations Lead @ Epic Games

    Sean Palomino

    Business Development Manager @ Epic Games Store

    Kavin Kumar Natraj

    Lead Game Programmer @ Holy Cow Productions

    Sean-Li Murmann

    Technical Lead @ Streamline

    Thilina Premasiri

    Director @ Games Arimac Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

    Kong Foong Ching

    CEO @ AeonSparx

    Avinash Kumar

    Co-founder @ Quicksand Design

    Ninad Bhagwat

    CEO @ All Star Games

    Vamshi Krishna Reddy

    Partner @ Kalaari Capital

    Arpit Dubey

    Technical Lead @ Gamezop

    Rajiv Sharma

    Head of Technology @ Redchillies VFX Studio

    Vibhav Vishwanathan

    Vice President @ MPL

    Gaming guru

    Esports Influencer

    Het Vora

    Coach @ Reckoning Esports & Esports caster

    Dr. Hari Raman

    Professional Free Fire Gamer @ PVS Gaming Esports

    Aayush Ailawadi

    Technology Editor @ Business Today TV, India Today Group


Unreal Digital Games Summit

IGDC 2021

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Sponsored by SucSEED


Have a new game that you want to demo? Or a product that want to tell game developers about? Or maybe you just want people to know about your company. Whatever the objective, there's no better way to do it than having you own space on the IGDC Expo floor.

Be seen by India's game development community - CEOs, studio heads, indies, developers, enthusiasts, students.


  • Audience can view exhibitors profile
  • Includes Download option of file
  • Exhibitors get a help desk
  • Exhibitors get a virtual meeting room
  • Can showcase videos and clips
  • Exhibitors Get 2 all access passes
Space Pricing
e-Stall Rs. 5,000/- + GST 18%

India Game Developer Conference Awards

The India Game Developer Conference Awards is India's premier game awards.

S.No. Award Category Description
1 Studio Game of the Year Overall best game of the year
2 Indie Game of the Year Best game made by an indie/indie team
3 Student Game of the Year Best game made by a student/student group
4 Upcoming Game of the Year Best unreleased/under development game
5 Popular Choice Award Awarded to the game which gets more votes by attendees and viewers
6 Hypercasual Game of the Year Awarded to the game that stands out in the Hypercasual games Category

Click here to view the finalists for IGDC Awards 2021!


BYOG (Build Your Own Game) is a game development jam where people interested in making games, get together and simply make games. Considering the diverse and nascent nature of game development in India, instead of doing it at a physical location we do it online. It is similar to Ludum Dare game jam and Experimental Game Project.

Anybody interested in making games or even learning how to make games should participate in the BYOG. The idea of the jam is to encourage collaboration, team building, experimentation, creativity and exploring something new and bold. It is not limited to students or working professionals, anybody and everybody is welcome to participate at the jam.

Started in 2010, BYOGs are one of the oldest game jams organised every year in the Asian continent and have a rich history of identifying and encouraging game development talent from the country. Past winners have gone on to win multiple international awards, launch successful game development companies, and make amazing games and careers.

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Shruti Verma

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Machaiah Kalengada


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Imtiaz Hussain


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Anando Banerjee

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