Build Your Own Game(BYOG)

India's oldest game jam returns this year with the India Game Developer Conference 2019!

The 14th edition of BYOG (2010-2019) will start on the 28th of September and conclude on the 13th of October.

What is a BYOG?

BYOG (Build Your Own Game) is an annual game jam, where game developers all over the country come together to make a game within a limited amount of time over a combination of themes. Started in 2010, BYOGs are one of the oldest game jams organised every year in the Asian continent and have a rich history of identifying and encouraging game development talent from the country. Past winners have gone on to win multiple international awards, launch successful game development companies, and make amazing games and careers.

When & Where

Here! online on!

  • 28th September - 13th October - BYOG
  • 13th October - 26th October - Jury Voting
  • Winners announced at the IGDC Awards

Why Participate?

There are a number of reasons why you should participate in the BYOG:

  • Create a working prototype (proof of concept) of your game in a focused sprint, in limited time
  • Get judged by an awesome jury and get real constructive feedback
  • Push your game development skills and level up
  • Team up with other awesome developers
  • Showcase your skills

Why the longer version?

Past BYOGs have been 48 hour affairs, and while that format is proven to work as a great exercise of skill and focus, ye dil mange more.

We want to up the ante for the games being developed at BYOG and want more finished and polished games to surface instead of a greater number of games being developed during the jam. We want the BYOG to be a great place to showcase game development talent and build future opportunities for smaller teams doing great work together.

With that objective in place, we want to give more time to committed and focused teams to build better games, and we want to give them access to mentorship to build kickass games.


The game you make is the prize you seek! Our team of expert Jury will provide deep feedback and insights on the games you are developing and help you shape up one kickass game by the time the conference showcase.

On top of your amazing creation, we also bring you the opportunity of being recognised by your fellow game developers at India GDC 2019. 10 Teams will get to showcase their final games at the conference, out of which 5 winners will be featured at the India GDC Awards at the conference.

And one more thing:

Nordic Game Jam has graciously agreed to host one member each from the 5 winning teams at the Nordic Game Jam 2020, Copenhagen (Denmark). The travel of these winners will be sponsored by the India GDC, subject to them being a citizen of India. Winners will have to arrange for their own stay at Copenhagen, if needed.

The Themes are!

Yet to be announced!! But as always we will have more than one theme! You are free to use one or many in whatever combinations and interpretations you prefer. Be sure to mention the themes that you are using in your game in the description. Themes are coming soon.

Judging Criteria
  • Overall Experience - How was the overall experience of the game?
  • Relevance to Theme - How relevant was the theme of the game?
  • Gameplay - How engaging/fun was the gameplay? Was it interesting, meaningful etc?
  • Innovation - Did the game do something new that you may have not seen before?
  • Aesthetics - How aesthetically pleasing was the experience - narrative, visual, audio etc?

Team Up!

Come over to the discord to find jammers who would want to team up!.


Q1:Do we have to register as a team or as an individual for BYOG?

Ans:You need to have a valid id and should have signed up for the jam before the submission is due. Only one individual in the team needs to have joined the jam. It will be useful to have other members on as you can add them to your submitted game as contributors.

Q2:Do I need to be on the discord?

Ans:All communication during the jam will be via the discord channel #byog on So yes, you need to be there.

Q3:What is the maximum number of members that I can have in my team?

Ans:You can have as many members in your team as you want; although, we recommend keeping your team small, 3 to 5 members. Solo jammers are also welcome!

Q4:Can I submit multiple entries to the jam?

Ans:Yes, you can submit as many entries to the jam as you want.

Q5:How will you let us know if we have won?

Ans:You are required to share your discord username along with your submission, we will reach out to you via #byog on on discord.

Q6:What is the last date for joining the BYOG?

Ans:We recommend joining the jam before it starts! But you can join the jam anytime before it ends on October 13th 2019 at 2:00 PM

Q7:Will we have public voting this year?

Ans:There will be no public voting this year!

Q8:Can I see games made in previous BYOG?

Ans:BYOG 2018 submissions and results can be viewed here -

Content: Jam Announcement

Subject: BYOG 2019 - Get Ready to Build Your Own Game


BYOG 2019 is here. It’s bigger and better! Starting September 28th, we are bringing to you a 2 week-long game jam. Yes, 2 weeks.

Why 2 Weeks? Because we want you to spend time on making a super fun, polished and amazing game for all to play and enjoy.

Key Dates:

  • BYOG 2019: Sep 28 - Oct 13
  • Online Mentoring: Oct 13 - Oct 26
  • 10 Finalists Announced: Oct 26
  • India GDC Showcase: Nov 21-22
  • 5 Winners Announced: Nov 21

At the end of the 2 weeks, we do not want you to stop making the game. We will follow it up with another 2 weeks of online mentorship by some of the sharpest game developers in the country. And then spend almost a month building and polishing your game some more for the IGDC 2019 Showcase.

10 Finalists will get to showcase their games at IGDC 2019 and 5 winners will get to take part at Nordic Game Jam 2020.

Sign up for the Jam today -

Best of Luck!

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