Investor Publisher Connect

We invite you to participate in the Investor and Publisher connect track at this year’s IGDC!

The IGDC investor and publisher connect is an invite-only forum for investors and publishers to meet with companies bringing innovation in the Indian gaming space.

The South Asian gaming ecosystem has grown rapidly in the last 18 months. With so much innovation and disruption happening in gaming, investors and publishers throughout Asia and the world are looking at India to make the next big gaming unicorns. Through this connect at IGDC, we are trying to facilitate a worthwhile face time for these investors and publishers with many companies.

India's gaming market is expected to be worth over a billion dollars by next year. If the surge in popularity of games across multiple genres in the last one year is any indication to go by, we anticipate Gaming will become a hotbed of the next billion user’s opportunity in India. If a company is working on any exciting games that you'd like to showcase to investors and publishers, the IGDC Investor Publisher connect (November 22-23, Hyderabad) is the right place to do that.

The investor and publisher connect happens separately from the expo and is invite-only, so almost all meetings and engagements that happen are pre-screened and scheduled.

We have two formats at the investor connect –

  • A speed dating roster where early/seed stage companies get a chance to meet investors, and
  • 1-1 meetings where traction and accelerated companies get detailed face time with investors, publishers and strategic partners.

Before the connect, we gather information from participating companies and based on investors' specific interests and alignments, try to set up worthwhile meetings for everyone involved. We had all major VCs participate in the connect last year, and there were many angel investors, family offices and institutional investors in attendance as well.

If there's any interest, can you tell us more about the games you're working on through this form

At the Publisher connect, at IGDC, we try to get many indies and mid-sized studios to meet like-minded publishers who can partner with them to take their games to a larger audience, both in India and overseas. We've also had international participation from companies like Disney, Outfit 7, IGG and Tencent in the past.


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